Welcome to COFMetropolis
Meta Towers Home to Veger's Gallery
    Welcome to Meta Towers Home to all the pictures I have created from builds in Active Worlds.   Once I got the perfect build I will take pictures of them untill I get that perfect Picture.   I then took them and played around with them until unique Pictures of Art evolved from them.  I have spent Many years putting all this together for the Citizens and Visitors to stop in and enjoy what can come from the mind of one person.  The imagination is a powerfull tool if you use it right.

    None of these pictures that I have created from my builds up to the finished Art Pictures  would have Never ever happen if Active Worlds was not here to help me in my endeavors.  I myself enjoy AW so much it has almost turned into a way of life for me,  I mean with the way i do my art work now.  In the old days you started with cranons on the walls, then to pencil and paper then pen and ink and of course what would a person that creates art be if they didn't try oils and a brush.  Course back in them days I was always drawing Si Fi Work all mine and I sign my  work as "Forgotten Galaxie Arts" Been that way for over 25 yrs then what happens?  The computer comes along and yes there is some GREAT art programs out there on the market and yes I have a few of them,  But.... once I typed in www.activeworlds.com for the very first time and download the aw browser, then I stood at AW GZ in the ole days or now at the GATE, and for a musician and artist like me well I was in Awww.

I was a visitor for about 20 minutes that day of may, 1998 and NEVER looked back.  I never complained about the price hike (much anyways) nor do I let those that do complain about the price of AW get to me ither.  Its like this, yes there is other chat rooms out there and yes you can find LOTS of great ppl out there on line for FREE,  But....There will NEVER be another program like AW that brings ppl together almost as family in some cases,  Lovers in other cases and gives them a place to be in there free time, gives them something to do whether its chatting,  or just looking around or playing games and yes even To Build something that nobody else on this planet could ever think of cept for Me.  I have not picked up a paint brush or pen and ink in many yrs now.  I have never messed with a computer art program to create some art out of my head,  in fact I can't remember that last program I bought from the store in the past 3 yrs  that I wanted more then Active Worlds.  So really in the long run LOL the 70$ I spend one time a yr for AW actually, since  I have no intrest for store bought programs any more AW SAVES me LOTS of MONEYS compaired to the times I spent freaking 50$ a week on a stupid program that got old after a week and your back to the store!  LoL Go Figure!

     Its like this my fellow citizens and visitors,  Just because ppl call me Veger the Crazy Man from Mars now don't mean I am crazy lol far from it,  the thing that has moved me the most of all the experiences of AW ( besides the Best PPL in the world to meet) is the fact that unlike the old days were my art was stuck on paper or a canvas right, well that was all there was too it and ither you sell it or put it in the closet.  Now with AW I can Create the Art I drew some 25 yrs ago you know and not only is it good to look at but,  I can bring my friends to it and we can walk or fly through it.  I have Alwasy said my buildings are Art work because I need to build them first in order to continue till I get the finial picture that looks like a one of a kind peice of ART.

Now the problem was to house my art work, and no I was not just going to settle for a building with a few walls to hang my pics up on.  No the building my art is in of course had to be ART in itself.  Meta Towers is a One of a Kind build,  if you can find another building anyware in AW that will match mine then I will step down and say yes Somebody can build better then I can and yes they Need this CY more then I do :) Smiles.  I myself will vote for that person in that case.  Meta Towers has been in the makeing for the Past 2 or 3 yrs all my work is on the first 3 floors and you will want to set your options and downloads to All pics so you can view my work.

     If you are here now because of the Cy's and looking for what you think is the Best of the Best I just want to Thankyou for taking the time and exploring AW and all the contestents work that they have spent so much time in order to get to this point.  It is Now All on YOUR SHOULDERS ok it is your responsabilty to Vote for the Best.  Not your Best friend but the Best of the Best of builds.  That is what the Cy's are all about and that is why I spend so much time if only one time a year ppl come to see my work then that makes it all worth the while.  Remember AW ROCKS!  so does MARS(545n 188w nominated too) and so does ALL MY AW FRIENDS yual ROCK TOO ThankYou very much for the time you spend to put up with this Crazy Man from Mars!

Thankyou and Good luck to all the nominiees and of course ( HOPES I WIN) hehehe but once again it is in YOUR HANDS make your best shot and be proud of you votes. 
Oh My I Almost Forgot Please Feel FREE to take any Picture that you may like and put it some were safe on you puter :) Smiles and they are very good large Pictures for desktop WALLPAPER!