Welcome to Lakeside Estates
2002 Nomination for Active Worlds CY Awards!
2004 Nomination for Active Worlds CY Awards!
     It is my hopes that you will enjoy yourself here in Yeti City at Lakeside Estates!  I am Veger and I took some time to build this place in the hopes that you will come to see as I do, that the Imaganiton is endless and with a little thought a powerfull peice of art will present itself. 

     I spent about one year off and on  building Lakeside Estates and there is More to come in the future so stop in anytime you wish, my place is your place!  I like to view this and built it from the outside, I was lucky to get all the objects in that I did and still have space for more.  Futhermore I have many pictures of this and Mars Central at mars 545n 188w  and if you like one take it, they make Great Wallpapers!

     You will have to fly on this one untill i can put in a elavator or teleport system to get you to my Penthouse very top floors, and of course a building some 180 meters tall you will need to put you visibility at 200 to just get a full picture of the Size of Lakeside Estates!

     The swimming pool is in the center court of Lakeside Estates jump in and have a good time or outside is the Lake go fishing go swimming or just plain get a little Yeti City Sun on you!