Welcome to Mars Central
All pasengers leaving MC to the north side of Mars please board your Tram now loading on dock 7 and will be leaving in 30 minutes!

Next chance for the north side of Mars will be in 2 hours aboard the north side shuttle.
    MC has plenty of room to relax while you wait for your next change over.  If you still want more, then stop in for a drink and dinning at the MC Lounge 4th floor, and after dinner the DJ has plenty of great music for everybody.

     Mars Central is the next step to the future of Mars, You need to get there?  We will get you there!  Mars Central is the Transportation Hub for Linear Alpha! 
    When your in a hurry MC has full time pilots that can for a little extra on the fee get you were you need to go and fast.           
     The shutles are marked for there location and just walk into one and you will be there before you know it.
   Mars Centrals New Addition
Veger's Taxi Service
    At Mars Central we understand you have traveled enough and now make it very easy to get around her.  Just put your mouse over the taxie and it then will let you know its destanation and all you do is Click on it and you are on your way!